Science & Social Studies

Science for Preschool and Kindergarten

Miss Humblebee’s Academy Science and Social Studies helps children develop the skills required by the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. Teaching children about the world around them opens their eyes to possibilities for experimenting and exploring areas of science.   

Inquiry Skills
, such as:

  • Classifying and sorting objects by identifying one property (living vs. non-living)
  • Sequencing by size
  • Use of descriptive vocabulary (big, small, cold, hot)

Physical Sciences, including:

  • Cause and effect (how adding water can change consistency)
  • Sound qualities (pitch, volume)
  • Sink and float experiments
  • Senses

Life Sciences, such as:

  • Identifying basic characteristics (color, size, shape)
  • Features of the human body and what each does (mouth is for eating, hands are for touching)
  • Basic comparisons (taller, shorter, thinner, wider)
  • Life cycles

Earth and Space


Solar System


World Around Us

7 Continents

Multiculturalism/Ethnic Diversity