Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

If you have determined that teaching your kindergartner at home is the best option for them, then you want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to make their learning process as effective as if they went to public (or private) school. At Miss Humblebee’s Academy, we have an award-winning kindergarten homeschool curriculum that can help you instruct your children in a fun and engaging way. With our curriculum, you can

  • Stay on target
  • Help your child succeed
  • Give them a learning boost
  • Give them a head start for school
  • Track progress
  • Help them acclimate to learning

In short, you and your child will benefit immensely from using a kindergarten homeschool curriculum. You will develop a stronger bond between you while helping them develop crucial learning skills that will enable success later on. The Miss Humblebee’s kindergarten homeschool curriculum is by far the best tool you can have to get the most out of teaching your children at home.

Is Homeschooling Better?

There is somewhat of a debate between homeschooling your children and sending them off to a public (or private) school. While many caregivers simply do not have the luxury to teach their children at home, if you can manage it, there are many reasons why kindergarten homeschooling is preferable over having your child go to a state-run school or private facility. Here are some of the biggest benefits of going this route.

  • Cost-Effective: sending your child to an institution can be an expensive proposition. Using our kindergarten homeschool curriculum, however, is just as effective without the added cost.
  • Attention: in a large class, your child may be neglected or passed over. Homeschooling allows you to nurture your child’s interests and help them succeed.
  • Better Pacing: if your child doesn’t grasp a subject right away, they could fall behind in a classroom setting. Teaching at home means that you can go at their pace, thus ensuring that they don’t get frustrated or get too far behind.

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