Miss Humblebee’s Academy



Crystal Labbe, Founder/CEO/President   

Crystal Labbe hailed from humble beginnings and developed an early passion for helping children find their voice. Coming from a home where neither parent graduated from high school, she gained a love of learning from the Head Start program she attended, which she credits for shaping her lifelong interest in helping children attain early success in learning.  


Following high school graduation, Labbe earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media relations and a master’s degree in elementary education. In 2005, she started her career in education, writing curriculum for children. She also taught in the classroom, working with kids on early literacy skills. Of that experience, Labbe says, “I learned that if you can help children as much as possible before they enter school, then when they go to school it can be an exciting and welcoming time in their life instead of a time of fear.” Teaching English to children in Italy also increased her understanding of the challenges in acquiring language skills.  


While Labbe tinkered with various versions of a learning program in graduate school and beyond, the characters she createda charming group of insects with big personalitiesand final elements of the program began to solidify. The culmination of her early learning experiences, passion for helping children become excited about learning, and academic training in communications and teaching resulted in Miss Humblebee’s Academy.   



Master of Science, Elementary Education and Teaching, Long Island University, Brookville, NY, summa cum laude and member of Phi Delta Kappa International 

Bachelor of Communication, Media Relations, Long Island University, Brookville, NYcum laude 


WHAT IS MISS HUMBLEBEE’S ACADEMY?                                                                                                                                                    
Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an award-winning, online kindergarten-readiness solution for children ages three to six. The program lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning success, building strength in core subject areas: language and literacy, math, science and social studies, art and music, social and emotional learning, and fitness. The curriculum is based on standards from the U.S. Department of Education, Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, Common Core State Standards, and research from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 



This program was developed to help provide educational support for young children in a fun and safe learning environment. Children receive encouragement from Miss Humblebee and the instructors in the video lessons, helping them to develop greater confidence in their abilities. Miss Humblebee’s Academy evaluates children’s comprehension of the concepts taught and sends caregivers reports that keep them informed about their child’s progress and performance on completed lessons. 



Miss Humblebee’s Academy can help close the school-readiness gap by teaching children the foundational skills needed for early learning success. It’s our goal that every child has access to the tools and knowledge necessary for achieving kindergarten readiness.