"I like it because it forces the kids to go through the program one lesson at a time instead of having free rein (such as ABC Mouse). The kids love it."
- Michelle
My 3-year-old loves the academy! It has helped her improve her letter recognition tremendously. Her favorite part is getting "money" (gold coins) after finishing the lessons.  She loves the music and the various activities.  
I enjoy the e-mails detailing the lessons, how she did in each lesson, and tips to help her improve. I also enjoy hearing her priceless exclamations on finishing the lessons!"
- C Jones
We have been using Miss Humbleebee's Academy for a few months now and it has been a great tool for my four year old. He really enjoys doing the lessons and I have loved that I can keep track of how well he is doing. I plan to continue to use it!

- Sarah Kerby
My 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter have been using Miss Humblebee's Academy this summer. They love it so much that they compete for who gets to use it first!  Both of them have greatly improved phonemic awareness. I think Miss Humblebee has a wider range of approaches for learning the "letter of the day", plus things like  syllables, C-V-C words, etc.  Literacy and math aren't the only subjects either. We've replayed the songs for the animal classes many times. My kids' favorite one is the one about Mammals--they go around singing "all you sneaky cats and raccoons...".  Thanks so much!

- T. Bair
My preschooler looked forward to her computer time each day!  She didn't realize she was learning and doing "school" work during Summer break!  Miss Humblebee's Academy is engaging and fun, keeping my preschooler focused and excited to learn!

- Casie B.
My daughter is greatly enjoying Miss Humblebee. She loves saving her artwork and learning about the different artists! I like the pages I can print out.

- Terra
My son, 4 years old, loves this website so far! He asks to play Miss Humblebee all the time. He's a slow learner, so that's why I gave this website a try. It does seem to be helping him and he's getting better at doing the lessons on his own.

- Melissa
Miss Humblebee’s Academy offers hundreds of drawing, coloring, and tracing activities that can be done on the computer or printed to be used offline. Children also have the option to print the artwork they created or a black and white version of their creation to color with crayons.

-Forest Rose
My kids were big fans of Miss Humblebee's Academy and so was I! The curriculum is fantastic and engaging. The songs are enjoyable and well written. It is a great kindergarten preparation program!

-The Mad Mommy

My daughter's interest in literacy has increased since she has started this program, and her teacher has noticed a difference in her participation as well! This definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars from us!  

-Tara L.

Their favorite website lately is Miss Humblebee’s Academy.  Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an interactive online kindergarten prep program. Both of my children, ages 3 and 5, are loving the program, and I am too! Let me tell you why!

  • Progress reports are emailed to your email or you can go to the Progress Reports section to keep tabs on what your child is currently working on and see where they made need to do a little extra work. 
  • Play with Miss Humblebee’s on either your home computer or a tablet.  The website is completely child friendly with no pop-ups, ads, or links to other websites. 
  • Your child will work on Standard Common Core curriculum, through a guided step-by-step progression.  Or, if you choose, your child can work by choosing lessons on their own. 

-Momma Lew

The music is totally rockin’.  JR actually got up off the couch and started dancing to the song “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.” The characters are super cute and very relatable.

The music room itself is impressive. The selection is great, and the songs are educational, yet fun and engaging. As you go through the lessons, your child will earn honeycomb coins, puzzle pieces, and stickers. These rewards can then be turned in at the honeycomb shop. Jr. really loved this part of the program.


The website is a virtual learning academy to prepare kids for kindergarten. It has interactive lessons in the subjects of math, science & social studies, art, music, and reading. Christine loves to color so she really enjoys the activities with colors and the coloring pages.  When you first log in, you can customize your child's avatar.  You can choose a male or female and then dress and put hair on them. This will be your child's character in the academy. After you have done that, you get to start learning! I have a touchscreen computer so this program works great for my daughter. She does not quite get the mouse but she knows if she touches the screen it responds to her. She has a lot of fun doing the activities and singing along with the songs. Each week the website will send you a progress report. This report lets you know how your child is doing and what they have been doing. This is helpful for parents to know where their child needs work. 

-First Time Mommy Adventures

My son’s love for the program makes it seem like a worthwhile venture as a supplement; he asks to do it most days, without my prompting. My other two kids (ages 6 and 2) gather around the computer and watch him do his lessons! Our 2-year-old even repeats Miss Humblebee phrases. For parents who are looking for a learning option involving computer technology, this one would be a good pick.

-The Education Cafe

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is a fantastic online kindergarten preparatory program.  It includes play-based interactive lessons that are perfect for early learners.  Their website introduces children to key concepts in math, social studies, science, art, music and reading through hundreds of activities.  The high quality graphics and kid-friendly music make Miss Humblebee’s Academy a great choice for pre-K students.  Children can access books and music in addition to the interactive lessons straight from their website.  Parents and teachers can track student progress with weekly reports that show how their children are performing. In between lessons, kids can play puzzles and create artwork. Miss Humblebee’s Academy is a great tool for helping children prepare for kindergarten and definitely worth checking out.  Watch their video for more information.

-Class Tech Tips

Do you have children? Do you know any children? Do you need to brush up on your ABC’s (or listen to a sweet jazz tune about a shark)? Then you NEED to get yourself to Miss Humblebee’s Academy!

I was told Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an online training course to prepare your little people for kindergarten (or to get yourself back into kindergarten fighting shape because don’t even act like you don’t need a review). What I was not told is that MHA is 5x more fun than watching Bravo all day and 10x more rewarding than that stupid New York Times daily crossword puzzle app I was duped into thinking would be fun (it’s evil). It’s an online wonderland of learning and fun and winning and shopping and singing and overall gloriousness (and I still can’t get over how much I love that “I’m a Shark” song). And kids will love it, too!


“He looks forward to his learning time on Miss Humblebee’s.” 
My 4.5 year old works on the Humblebee website about two to three times a week for 15-20 minutes.  He really enjoys it. He likes the alphabet song, letter activities, and puzzle activities as well. I think the graphics and sounds are fun and the content covers a broad range of subjects

-R. B.

I think that Miss Humblebee's Academy is a great product and has obviously taken the time to develop a nice, clean, organized website for children to easily use, understand, and ultimately learn from. The developmental skills are appropriately presented and the avenues in which the concepts are taught vary enough to maintain interest throughout the program. With minimal distractions and excess noise, this is a great learning tool. 

From famous artists, to short lessons, to Aesop's Fables, to nature study topics, there are a lot of topics covered.

I would definitely recommend this product to parents with children between the ages of three and six. Specifically, children who are closer to the three and four year old range, preparing for Kindergarten, or older children who may be in Kindergarten already, but need more practice with foundational concepts to succeed in Kindergarten.  I would also recommend this to parents with children who may become easily distracted with the other online academies that are very bright and busy.


Miss Humblebee's Academy is simple, clean and presents the ideas clearly.   It also actually evaluates if the child is comprehending the new concepts and sends parents progress reports. A lot of times parents just put children in front of the television with a learning video, but there is no interaction.  By sending them an email, Miss Humblebee's helps parents to know what their child is doing, and how well they are understanding new skills. If you are a parent, and have a preschool age child, I highly recommend checking out Miss Humblebee's Academy.


One of the great things about Miss Humblebee’s Academy is how much music the program incorporates. The music lessons feature familiar songs, as well as creative original songs to help kids remember letter sounds. It also offers kids the option to save or print the pictures they color in art class. Letter sounds and math concepts are all introduced. Science lessons have an emphasis on health and healthy eating habits. The newly updated “Choose a Lesson Room” allows parents to pick and choose lessons by subject, content, or theme.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy actually evaluates if the child comprehends the new concepts and sends parents progress reports, which helps them to know what their child is doing and how well they understand new skills. If you are a parent of a preschool age child, I recommend checking out Miss Humblebee’s Academy.


Miss Humblebee’s Academy consists of lessons geared for preschool and kindergarten ages. Subjects covered include reading, math, science & social studies, art, and music. After logging in, you visit the classroom page and just click on the whiteboard to get started. As your child completes lessons, they are awarded virtual coins, puzzle pieces, and stickers. The coins can be used to purchase items for a virtual fish tank. After collecting enough puzzle pieces, kids can visit the puzzle room to put together their puzzle. The virtual stickers can be used to create pictures in the sticker room. A weekly progress report is e-mailed to the parent, or you can look at your child’s progress report anytime on the website. Printable pages are also available for letter, number and math practice sheets.

What I really like about Miss Humblebee’s Academy:

  • I love how much music is incorporated into the program. Familiar songs make up part of the music lessons, and creative original songs are also featured in the reading lessons to help kids remember letter sounds. (All of the songs are available for purchase separately if desired.
  • Kids have the option to save or print the pictures they “color” in art class. The coloring lessons were actually some of my son’s favorites!
  • Letter sounds and math concepts are all introduced.
  • Science lessons have an emphasis on health and healthy eating habits.
  • The website worked quite well on my iPad, so it was very convenient for my son to work on his lessons while sitting next to me on the couch or at the table.
  • The newly updated “Choose a Lesson Room” allows parents to pick and choose lessons by subject, content or theme.

Miss Humblebee’s is a daily MUST for my two youngest (3 & 4)!  They LOVE it and I know they are learning! In just the month or two we've used it, she can maneuver a mouse, knows how to pull up the art boxes, reading room, etc.  It's amazing.  She gets really in to it. I have her wear headphones, and you can hear her singing along to the songs and talking back to the screen to answer questions.  

My 5-year-old (who is in kinder this year) loves it too, and it's on his daily schedule. He looks forward to turning over his schedule cards to get to his "Humblebee schedule card.”  

I also LOVE the fact that there are progress reports.  BRILLIANT. In Texas there isn't much along the lines of accountability as far as homeschooling goes, but if the Common Core ends up changing anytime soon, I will have more than enough info (along with the records that I keep) from Humblebee’s to "prove" that I'm educating my kids. 

Amanda H. - Texas

There are sound cues that explain to the child exactly how to navigate the page, and my 4-year-old quickly figured out how to use the mouse. This was my only real concern about the "online" part of learning.

If you are a parent and have a preschool age child, I highly recommend checking out Miss Humblebee’s Academy.  With the holiday break coming, it’s the perfect time to try it with your kids.  You won't bee disappointed...cheesy pun intended!

Kristen H. - Florida

“He just loves, loves, loves his ‘Miss Humblebee Time.’” 

We have been using the Miss Humblebee site for about a month and a half now, 2 to 3 times per week, with our son who will be 5 next month. We usually let him do the lessons in this fun program for 10 minutes. He then plays in the “reward room” for another 5 minutes. I sit with him the whole time, although he is able to maneuver the mouse and start each lesson completely on his own. Though great exposure to technology and learning computer skills, most of the games are similar to what you would find in a hard-copy preschool workbook. I would put it in the category of a “good supplement” to a more hands-on preschool curriculum. My son is a good age for it, as he really enjoys using the mouse independently.  One Place for Online Preschool Programming. If there are parents who are using a variety of apps (i.e., trying to find educational apps to reinforce educational concepts) this would be a great replacement for that (lots of activities in one place, and being guided through lessons, while giving them some exposure to technology). Songs and music for kids of all ages. One aspect of this program that would be hard to replicate with an in-hand workbook is the focus on songs/music. There is a fun section on instruments as well as many songs, nursery rhymes, etc., that all of our kids have really liked listening to.