Math Websites for Kids

Previously, if you wanted to find math lessons for your child, you would need to go to a bookstore or go to a library. Thankfully, today you can find quality math websites for kids with a few clicks of a button. If you want the best math website for your little one, Miss Humblebee's Academy is the award-winning math program geared for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Miss Humblebee's Academy: The Best Math Website For Kids

By using Miss Humblebee’s Academy you can equip your kid with the math tools they need to get further in their studies and make the overall learning process that much smoother. So why should you have your child learn math online? Here are the top reasons:

  • Develop Computer Skills

    These days, knowing how to work a computer is just as valuable as any other skill. Having your kids learn math online will teach them basic computer knowledge while improving their skills with numbers.
  • Makes Learning Fun

    As we mentioned, many kids dread doing math problems. Our math website for kids is challenging but fun and engaging, making the process much more positive so your child succeeds.
  • Gives Your Child a Head Start

    When your child first goes to school, the transition can be difficult, to say the least. Using math websites for kids, will help your child to gain the confidence needed for learning and school success, by exposing them to key academic concepts and the opportunity for practice.

Importance of Math for Kids

As far as learning subjects, math has to be one of the most vital. While reading is surely the first and foremost subject, math is a close second. Without math, learning any advanced studies is made all the more difficult. Even though many children complain about learning numbers and digits, the fact is that math can, and does, help out in everyday life. For that reason, it’s imperative that your child learns math as soon as possible. Whether you homeschool your child, or send them to kindergarten at an institution, you should still help them develop strong math skills by using math websites for kids.

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Although preschool is usually designed for learning the alphabet and getting familiar with shapes and colors, the fact is that you can easily start having your little one learn math. Generally, math activities for preschoolers would involve introducing numbers to your kids and helping them learn to count. For example, you can write down numbers one through ten and have your child arrange them and count them as they go. At Miss Humblebee’s, we offer plenty of math activities for preschoolers to help them succeed.

Math Activities for Kindergartners

Once your tiny tyke learns the basics in preschool, then it's time to advance their math skills in kindergarten. At this point, your child should have mastered counting and number recognition, so now it’s time for adding and subtracting. Math activities for kindergartners can include using numbered cards to illustrate addition and subtraction, or you can use small objects (like jelly beans) to make it more visual. Miss Humblebee’s has a wide selection of math activities for kindergartners that you and your child will love.

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