Parents / Educators / Librarians

When parents think of kindergarten readiness, letters, numbers, shapes and colors come to mind. At Miss Humblebee’s Academy, we feel kindergarten readiness is more than just academics. Our award-winning curriculum lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning success. We provide strength in the core subject areas: math, science and social studies, language and literacy, art, and music. But here’s where we are different…

We believe kindergarten readiness extends far beyond traditional academics. We provide the necessary resources for parents, educators, and librarians to take learning offline and outside with our DIY section. We also empower parents to raise children to become healthy, contributing members of society, by giving children responsibilities that extend beyond the traditional learning environment. For example, by allowing children to be responsible for specific chores, they can begin contributing in their home and then the world around them. We provide templates for learning schedules, chore charts by age, and even a reward system that you can stick with.

  • DIY Section

  • Learning Schedule (Coming Soon!)

  • Chore Charts (Coming Soon!)

  • Reward System (Coming Soon!)